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Good wheels keep you cruising. That is unless they are out of alignment. Any number of issues can cause your wheels to go out of alignment - potholes, curbs, or any forceful impacts can have this effect. It could simply be that it’s been a long time since you’ve had your vehicle serviced, and your wheels have slowly drifted out of alignment. If your vehicle’s wheels are not aligned, you may find that your tires are not wearing evenly. You may also notice that your car is pulling to one direction or the other when it shouldn’t, or that your steering wheel is crooked when you are driving in a straight line. Should you find any of these things happening to your vehicle, you may benefit from having a wheel alignment done by the expert technicians at Garden Grove Nissan.

Nissan Alignment Service

When To Schedule An Alignment

The first thing to check when looking for alignment issues is rapid wear of the tires in different, unusual patterns. If you find that specific areas of the tire are wearing our faster than the others, it’s quite possible that your wheels are misaligned.You may also notice that your car is drifting in one direction or the other when it shouldn’t, or you might even experience a vibrating steering wheel, which could indicate misaligned or unbalanced tires. Any of these issues could mean that it’s time to have your alignment checked by the team of highly-trained professionals at Garden Grove Nissan.



Alignment Services


Garden Grove Nissan Wheel Alignment Services - what’s in store?

Our two-wheel and four-wheel alignments computerized system uses in-depth lasers and software to deliver alignments at an exceptionally high rate of precision. Our wheel alignments are provided by our Nissan tire department. Each service is performed by highly-trained service technicians with experience for all Nissan models. At Garden Grove Nissan consists of a detailed physical inspection of each tire, checking for wear, tear, and pressure. Our technicians will inspect ride height on trucks, check front and rear suspension parts, validate steering components, and measure and adjust toe, camber, and caster to specifications


Certified Alignment Services

. If you’re looking for the most thorough and detailed wheel alignment services that you can get for your Nissan, our team at Garden Grove Nissan is where your search should end. If you value precision alignment by Nissan certified technicians using highly-effective, computerized equipment, then we have the team for you. Schedule online or contact us to book your appointment today.

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