Nissan Oil Changes in Santa Ana, CA

Four Fast Facts About Nissan Oil Change Near Santa Ana

Southern California is legendary for its weather. People who hate intense freezing cold temperatures often flock to areas like Garden Grove, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, or Westminster. However, while vehicles in our area may avoid problems due to snow and ice, we still deal with high traffic, drought, and heat. Nissan drivers near Santa Ana need to understand how to properly maintain a vehicle in our climate, including keeping the oil properly changed. Here are a few things you should understand about your Nissan automobile and oil changes in Southern California.


Conventional Oil vs Synthetic Oil

Of the two, synthetic oil is best for your engine. Synthetics are first refined to the highest quality base oils. This makes synthetic oils more chemically stable. They will, therefore, acidify, oxidize, and breakdown more slowly than conventional oil. They are also formulated with additives to better fight sludge and deposits and further reduce the wear on your engine. Most important for Southern California, synthetic oil is much better at resisting evaporation and breakdown due to high temperatures.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil is the best oil for your engine. However, because it is more highly refined it is much more expensive than conventional oil. If you cannot afford synthetics, you have other options. Semi-synthetic oil can be a good compromise that provides higher-quality protection than conventional oil, without paying the full price of full synthetics. Ask your Nissan technician the best option for your vehicle and budget.

Oil Change For Diesel Vehicle

Like regular engines, diesel vehicle oil change schedules vary based on general use and type of oil used. Diesel vehicles primarily used for short trips with frequent stops may need oil servicing faster than those used for long-distance trips. Greater towing weights will also require more frequent oil changes.

Manufacturers Know The Best Oil Change Schedule

Even before you purchase your car, your original vehicle manufacturer has already considered the best maintenance schedule. Our certified Nissan technicians have been trained by Nissan to create the best maintenance schedule to keep your car running longer. By making us your permanent automotive maintenance partner, we can help adjust your oil change schedule to match the wear on your car. If you drive aggressively, or with lots of starts and stops, you may need to change your oil more frequently for the best results.

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