Nissan Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

Nissan Coolant Fluid Exchange in Garden Grove

Garden Grove Nissan employs factory-certified service technicians that understand your Nissan and its engine cooling system inside and out. When a Nissan near Anaheim is due for a routine coolant fluid exchange, we invite them to receive quality care matching their vehicle’s name from our Nissan service department. Our highly-qualified service technician will drain the old coolant, inspect the full engine cooling system, and install factory authorized coolant to restore peak engine cooling at specifications. It is important to remember that coolant fluid is also essential to heater performance.


Engine Cooling & The Fluid To Do So

Keeping the engine running at the ideal operating temperature requires an engine cooling system that constantly removes excessive heat when the engine is running. The engine cooling system has several components that work together to disperse the engine heat out the engine bay. At the core of cooling an engine is the water pump circulating coolant fluid through engine passages absorbing heat and then through hoses to the radiator where the excessive heat is removed. Coolant fluid completes this cycle endlessly until it either breaks down or a worn part allows it to leak. Coolant fluid exchange ensures that the coolant fluid remains in excellent condition to support peak engine cooling at specifications.

What are the Symptoms of a Coolant Fluid Performance Problem?

  • Dashboard warning light – check engine or coolant warning light
  • Engine’s operational temperature increases
  • Heater is malfunctioning
  • Coolant observably leaking
  • Coolant is low and needs to be topped off
  • Coolant is discolored or smells bad

Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

Service includes a certified technician, certified service protocol, and original equipment coolant fluid. The old coolant will be drained from the system while the certified technician inspects the full engine cooling system for worn or damaged components. If a worn or damaged part is causing a coolant leak, the problem part can be repaired quickly with a genuine OEM part we carry on site. Once the cooling system is in a condition to support fresh coolant, our expert technician will then add original equipment coolant fluid to specifications.


Schedule Nissan Service in Garden Grove, CA

Garden Grove Nissan is prepared with knowledgeable technicians to complete a coolant fluid exchange on your vehicle. This is a simple service with a big impact on your engine. Give us a call today!


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