Nissan Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement

We've all been there. You hop in the car in the morning, throw the keys in the ignition, twist it, and…nothing. Maybe the engine tries to crank a couple of times, but it quickly becomes evident that something is wrong. How long have you had this car, and when was the last time you had your battery health checked? Yeah, it's probably about time for a new battery. You don't want this to be a persistent issue, as putting off regular battery inspections leads to more jump starts, meaning more missed meetings, being late, and general unreliability. You're in luck; Garden Grove Nissan Service sells and inspects batteries regularly.



Installing a New Battery

If you're in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Westminster, or surrounding areas, Garden Grove Nissan is the best place to stop for auto service. After we determine that the issue is definitely with your battery and not with the starter or alternator, our technicians find the correct battery for your specific Nissan. Once we have that battery in hand, we remove the battery from its mount in the engine, replace it with the new battery, install and fasten it, and the job is done.

What to Look For

Replacing your vehicle's battery is a must every few years (typical battery life is between 2-5 years). Car batteries will usually give you advance notice that they are on their last legs: dim headlights, slow starts with long cranks, or a clicking sound from under the hood when you turn the key. You may even notice that, upon turning your car's power on, your dash lights are working, but your car just will not start.Visual inspection of the battery may even show signs of corrosion. When it comes to issues with car batteries, most of the symptoms usually begin to appear as your battery ages with time. You may, however, experience rapid failure of a battery, which would happen in the case of bad cells within the battery meaning that you need a jump start every time you get in your car. In any event, it's time to get it replaced.

Battery Replacment at Garden Grove Nissan

If you want to be sure that your vehicle receives the best possible service, schedule an appointment with the Garden Grove Nissan maintenance department. Once you've made your appointment through our easy-to-use online scheduling tool, you know that your Nissan is being handled by the best in the business. Stop in today and see why we've got it.

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