Tire Alignment Special - $114.99+ tax was $129.99

Four Wheel Alignment:

  • Free Air Pressure Checks and adjustment to factory settings
  • Free Multipoint Check up
  • Free Battery Test
  • Free Diagnostic Scan
  • Free Visual Brake Inspection  

Fully Integrated Alignment(R) RX Premium Scissor Rack, Standard Deck:

-Open Front & Rear (No Cross Bars) For Easy Access

- 12,000 lb. Capacity, 179" 2-wheel apgnment wheelbase

- (2) 6,000 lb. Capacity Swing Air Jacks

- Two Movable Work Steps

- Built-in Air pne Kit & Turnplate pockets

- Inflation Station(TM) Automatic tire inflation system

- PowerSpde(TM) Automatic Stainless Turnplates Spp Plates & Bridges - Heavy Duty Louvered Ramps with Built-In Wheel Stops

- Factory Installation (with Grouting) and Training included

- Made in USA

Four Wheel Alignment at Garden Grove Nissan
Four Wheel Alignment at Garden Grove Nissan

Aligner with Premium Compact Cabinet & 27" Widescreen LCD. Includes:

-Cordless VIN Barcode Scanner

-CodeLink(TM) Cordless OBD-II Steering System Reset

-Hunter Shop Tough(TM) PC with Windows 10

-Award-Winning WinAlign(R) software

-2 years free vehicle specs & WebSpecs(R) instant specs by web

-Tool & Kit Database with required tools replacement part numbers

-Full Digital Photo Adjustments & Instruction Video Library

-Exclusive tools including WinToe(TM) Shim-Select(R) II, CAMM(R) and ABC - Live Ride Height & WinAlign Tuner(TM) application for modified vehicles

-TPMSpec(TM) Database (Vehicle Specific Sensor Type & Reset Procedures)

-Premium Color Printer, Wired & Wireless Network, Power Line Filter/Protector - Certified iShop & ASANET compliant.

GSP9700 Road Force(R) Elite (5th Generation):

-Road Force balance in less time than a conventional balancer

-SmartScan(TM) laser measuring system automatically determines:

-wheel dimensions

-weight mode selection

-spoke mode

-rim profile

-rim runout

-ForceMatching(R) prediction

-Intuitive Touch Screen Interface is easy to learn

-Built-in HD Video Tutorials cover mounting & balancing

-Auto-Up Hood for increased productivity

-Exclusive eCal(TM) automatic calibration verifies balancing accuracy

-Centering Check Verifies Results

-Weight Placement Laser and Work Light

-StraightTrak(R) Solves tire pull issues

-TPMS Spec Database: TPMS info at your fingertips

-SmartWeight® Better balance without excess weight

-Color Printer with storage: Present results to customer

-Hammerhead(R) TDC Weight Placement Laser

-Power Wheel Lift: Accurate centering without back strain - Auto Inflation Station sets and documents tire pressure

-BullsEye(R) Dual-taper 10 collet centering kit standard

-Handles assembles up to 175lbs, 40in tire/30in rim

-Factory Installation and Training included

-Superior alloy balancer shaft with 3 year warranty

-Made in USA

Four Wheel Alignment at Garden Grove Nissan
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