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Is the Nissan Rogue AWD?

2021 Nissan Rogue Caspian Blue

Looking for a reliable SUV to improve traction and handling in rough or low-traction conditions? Consider the Nissan Rogue. All-wheel drive is available with the Nissan Rogue regardless of which configuration you choose, allowing you to safely and comfortably navigate Santa Ana roads year-round. Learn more about how you can enhance the performance of your next SUV or crossover with Nissan Rogue All-Wheel

Drive technology, then schedule your test drive with us in GARDEN GROVE!

Stay Safe on Anaheim Roads With Nissan Intelligent AWD

You might be curious to know how this state-of-the-art drivetrain works. Simply put, Nissan Rogue AWD distributes power as needed to maximize traction. It starts off in AWD to improve grip until it gets up to speed, where it then redirects torque to the front wheels to improve efficiency and conserve power. If you ever find yourself in slippery conditions, the Nissan Rogue AWD maintains control by redistributing power to any wheels that need it.

Nissan Rogue AWD Trim Levels

The Nissan Rogue All-Wheel Drive is available throughout the lineup with models, including:

  • Rogue S AWD
  • Rogue SV AWD
  • Rogue SL AWD
  • Rogue Platinum AWD

What is the Nissan Rogue AWD Lock?

The Nissan Rogue AWD Lock is a unique feature that allows for better traction in snow, or while off-roading, with a low-speed regulator button that can lock all four wheels. It achieves this by dividing the power between the front and rear wheels, providing you with better control in any conditions that you encounter. To learn more about the Nissan Rogue AWD Lock, contact us today!

What is the AWD Error on the Nissan Rogue?

If you get an AWD error in the Nissan Rogue, you should visit your local Orange County service center, as this can indicate a number of issues. You can learn about what each Nissan Rogue AWD error light message means below:

  • Blinking Rapidly: The powertrain oil temperature is rising exponentially out of range. Pull your vehicle over and put your car in park to idle your engine and allow it to cool down. If the blinking stops after a while, you can resume driving. If not, you should call a local service center.
  • Blinking Slowly: There’s a significant difference between the diameters of the front and rear wheels. Pull your vehicle over and allow it to idle in park. If the blinking stops after a while, you can resume driving. If it doesn’t, you should contact a local service center.
  • Illuminated Without Blinking: There’s a malfunction in the AWD system. Schedule time for service at a local service center.

Any time the AWD error on the Nissan Rogue appears, it’s best to schedule maintenance with your local Nissan dealer. Even if the light turns off, it’s still worth bringing your vehicle in so the service experts can inspect the system for any underlying issues.

Visit Garden Grove Nissan to Experience Intelligent AWD

Whether you want to feel more secure in inclement weather conditions or plan to drive off-road to your camping site, the Intelligent AWD on the Nissan Rogue has you covered. If you have any questions about the Nissan Rogue All-Wheel Drive, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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